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Video Tips: 3 Guaranteed Ways to Easily Seize the Millennial Market

Check out our video guide to successfully market to millennials. They are now the largest generation in history and avoiding them is no longer an options.
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Tip #1: Check Your Biases at the Door

The thought of marketing to millennials is enough to send shivers up the spine of any veteran marketing director. Millennials, however, is becoming more relevant everyday and avoiding them is no longer an option. Check out our tips on how to capitalize on this elusive and difficult generation of consumers.

Millennials, the generation born between the years 1982 and 2004, have been branded as lazy, entitled, narcissist. But as you’ll find out this isn’t unique to just millennials. Virtually every generation who has reached maturity has looked at the following generation as a degradation of their principles and values. This ‘looking down on’ is commonly known as Juvenoia. However, whether we like it or not, millennials are becoming increasingly relevant as they are now the largest generation in history. It’s time to start considering marketing strategies that don’t proceed from unjust biases, that don’t intentionally pander and are authentic.

Juvenoia is a real thing, and it’s easy for news networks to prey on this fear because it helps drive ratings. In truth, it’s a stretch to assume 83 million Americans all possess traits that aren’t directly tied to political or socio-economic events that occurred during their developing years. The common perception that millennials lack a work-ethic, are all handed participation trophies and are emotionally fragile is stereotype, and not something based in fact.

If we treat all Millennials as lazy and entitled, our campaigns will only come off as condescending and lack ineffectiveness. The easiest way to reach Millennials is to treat them like regular people with diverse interests and personalities.

Tip #2 Coming soon!

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