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Avery’s Angel – Video Production




In 2008, Meghan Hall Rauen and Jared Rauen found out that their little boy would be born with gastroschisis. During Avery’s life, he not only provided them with hope and joy, there was an incredible rise in their community to support the little family through the process. There were angels around them the entire time. Avery stayed 107 days in the NICU – from April 14th 2009 and passed on July 30th 2009 unexpectedly from unforeseen complications. Meghan began blogging about forming a foundation to promote a community of support, education and awareness for others affected – providing the same angels they had, for others. Avery’s Angels Gastroschisis Foundation has grown to 200 volunteers across multiple continents as of July 2014. They are all humbled and honored to support gastroschisis families worldwide in any way they can.


It’s not commonly known, but October is Gastroschisis month. One of our team members caught wind of an Avery’s Angels event taking place in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Our team at GenM has always strived to maintain a strong sense of social responsibility, and in such have always felt compelled to help non-profit organizations and our community as much as possible. Non-profit video production isn’t as common as you might think, but is a great way to move the audience and incite public action. The best avenue we saw to help Avery’s Angels was to tell their story in a emotional and motivating fashion. We had the privilege of reaching a vast audience through social media, and the amount of appreciation we received for making this video was a great honor.

Client:  Avery’s Angel

Production:  GenM Creative

Service: Video Production

Year: 2017

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