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Club Pilates (Nichols Hills) – Social Media, Photography

Social Media Management



Club Pilates launched its new franchise in Nichols Hills on June 4th, 2018. They’re strategy was to hit the ground running with a social media campaign to promote the new locations as well as their free introductory class. After a few short meeting with GenM Creative, they found that Michaelene Stephenson would be the perfect match for managing their social media in a style conducive to the national brand. Club Pilates believes that Pilates are for everyone, helping people to not only live healthier lives but more relaxing, easier lives. We want to help them spread that message.



Club Pilates goal was to attract new members in order to make this location profitable sooner than the average franchisee. The social media campaign should be informative, welcoming and inspiring. We are directing this campaign at Nichols Hills and the surrounding area. This will be sure to appeal to the diverse demographics already interested in personal health and fitness. As well as those who want to live healthier lives but haven’t quite committed. Club Pilates in Nichols Hills social media has been growing in followers daily and by establishing their social media before the doors opened will ensure that they meet their membership goals.

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