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Guthrie Job Corps – Radio

Guthrie Job Corps - Radio Advertising


Guthrie Job Corps has been helping to provide technical training to individuals seeking gainful employment in welding, electrical engineering, carpentry, culinary arts and more for over 50 years. Their primary demographic is 16-24 year olds. Their services are free of charge to the students they serve, certainly not hard to sell. They just need to get the word out there to prospective students, something we were eager to do.


Guthrie Job Corps came to us with a unique dilemma. They were hosting a recruitment event in just two weeks and they needed to get the word out, and quickly. They opted for a couple radio ads and we agreed that exposing themselves to their audiences across both tradition and digital radio platforms was the best way to reach their desired demographic. The order came through on a Thursday afternoon. We had the script written, voice actor casted and audio recorded by Friday morning. We had the final recording edited and distributed on Monday with both an English and Spanish version.

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