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Minor injuries caused by auto accidents can very often go unnoticed. Over time, those minor injuries can worsen causing pain and permanent damage. So should you pay a visit to the ER in the event of a minor accident? Not so fast; emergency room visits are pricey and you could wait hours to finally receive treatment. The Brooks Clinic believes their is a better way. They provide fast and easy medical treatment for minor auto accident injuries, and they’ll work directly with your insurance company so it doesn’t have to cost a dime out-of-pocket. The Brooks Clinic strives to get you back on your feet without all the hassle; just when you need it most.


Our goal across each of our TV commercial productions for The Brooks Clinic has been to effectively communicate the benefits of The Brooks Clinic over other methods of medical treatment when consumers are involved in a minor auto accident. The campaign began with clean and informative pieces touting the myriad benefits that come with the Brooks Clinic. Initially, we discovered many are unaware of how easy and affordable The Brooks Clinic is when compared to other possible treatment options. As the campaign grew over time, we begin to highlight each specific benefit in a clever and relatable way. By framing the positives in humorous stories that our audience has likely experienced before, we aimed to create something memorable with each new spot.

Client:  The Brooks Clinic

Production:  GenM Creative

Service: TV Commercial Production

Year: 2016 ~

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