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Comanche Casino – Video Production

Roughneck Spot

Cowgirl Casey SPOT

Fisherman Larry Spot

Breakfast in Bed Spot



The Comanche Nation of Oklahoma owns 4 casinos that are located around the Lawton area in southwestern Oklahoma. Their largest location, Red River Casino, is comprised of 52,500 sq ft of gaming floor, 1,150 slot machines, Countryville Bar & Grill, and a beautiful hotel built on the property. Comanche Nation Casino comes in second with 36,000 sq ft and 600 slots. Comanche Star and Comanche Spur casinos have 130 and 100 slot machines, respectfully. Although the locations vary in size and amenities, a common theme between all 4 locations is their phenomenal hospitality and dedication to customer service.


During our time working with the Comanche Nation, we were tasked with a seemingly simplistic goal: produce quality commercials that tell the audience “We understand you.” The demographics in the area are greatly diversified, so it was necessary to take an individual approach to each subgroup of their consumer base. Instead of using more traditional methods, we wrote each spot from the perspective of the customer. Instead of telling the audience how we wanted them to feel and think, we allowed somebody who was most relatable to them tell their story for us. This allowed our ads to say so much more than most 30 second spots could ever hope to achieve.

Client:  Comanche Casino

Agency:  Indigeony

Production:  GenM Creative

Service: Video Production

Year: 2017

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