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4 Rivers Equipment – Video Production





4Rivers Equipment gets its name from the 4 major rivers that run out of the Colorado Rockies: the Arkansas, the Colorado, the Platte, and Rio Grande. In 1926, 4Rivers Equipment began as Romer Mercantile, a small John Deere agriculture equipment dealer in Holly, Colorado. Through dedication and perseverance, the store prospered through difficult times and began to grow during the 1960s. The first expansion was a new store in Lamar. Soon after, they expanded into construction along with John Deere. Stores in Fort Collins, Pueblo, and Colorado Springs were opened to cover the new sector. Today, 4Rivers is the brand name on 14 dealership locations stretching from New Mexico to the far north in Wyoming.


The message being sent with our video production services for 4Rivers was simple: They want to be your working partner. 4Rivers’ mission is precise: “We want to partner with our customers in order to provide real-world solutions that address their needs directly.” 4Rivers goes above and beyond to ensure their employees are experts in their field. They have extensive training and are required to develop extensive knowledge in their field. When the customer comes to them for help, they’ll be able to provide solutions that overcome even the most difficult challenges. Beals understood this, and we worked hand-in-hand with them to ensure their ideas on paper came to life through video.

Client:  4 rivers Equipment

Agency:  Beals Cunningham

Production:  GenM Creative

Service: Video Production

Year: 2017

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