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Hudiburg Auto Group: Although it is a name known quite well around the state of Oklahoma today, it hasn’t always been this way. The beloved dealership got it’s start a little over sixty years ago with a single, modest location and has grown substantially ever since. Nowadays, Hudiburg is comprised of seven locations across the OKC metro and Chandler area, ranging from domestic favorites like Ford and Chevy to reliable imports like Nissan and Subaru. This growth and consumer trust can be attributed to their policy of non-commissioned sales people, best prices, exceptional trade-in rates, and countless others. However, perhaps the most important factor in the Hudiburg Auto Group’s success can be found in their exceptional, timeless customer service and the personal connection they make with their customers. This is something that shines through in everything they do, from their sales process, branding, and even in their commercial video production.



The aforementioned qualities have been the focus of our video production efforts since the first spot we worked on for them. We have taken a wide variety of approaches from comedic to heartfelt, with each spot designed to highlight an aspect of Hudiburg’s continued efforts in understanding its audience and how it can continue to help improve their lives. In recent months Hudiburg turned sixty, and to celebrate this we have turned the lens back solely on the customer, showing the lives of Hudiburg customers across the state. While it stands out as unique in the current Oklahoma auto market, it pays homage to the very principle that helped Hudiburg withstand the test of time – the customer comes first.

Client:  Hudiburg Auto Group

Agency: Beals Cunningham

Production:  GenM Creative

Service: Video Production

Year: 2016 ~

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