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Advertising Before Retweets
Advertising before retweets. The world we live in has changed in the last 20 years.  Perhaps technology has reshaped how businesses advertise.
advertising with old camera

Advertising Before Retweets

Good old days

It’s no secret that the world we live in has changed in the last 20 years.  Perhaps technology, more so than any other, has reshaped how businesses advertise to their customers. Let’s imagine back to 1997 for a moment.  How did the world of advertising look then?

You wake up to your alarm clock (not the one built into your phone) and eat breakfast in front of that glowing cube we used to call a television.  It’s not flat or sleek, but rather a bulky assortment of plastic and glass that sits on a necessarily sturdy piece of furniture.  A TV ad plays during your favorite morning program.  It resonates with you and now you want to share it with friends and…


You don’t have a social network. YouTube doesn’t exist.

Oh, but the DVR!

Nope.  It’ll be a while before that shows up.

Right.  VCR.  A VCR, that’s it!  We have that!

But it wasn’t recording.  And the last tape you had in there has the broken plastic tab, so that means you can’t record over your Summer ‘87 Hawaii Vacation.  Or as we would say today, the tape is “write-protected.”

“So that means I have to wait until I get to work to tell anybody?  And even then I can’t just show it to them on the spot?”

Yup.  Crazy world, wasn’t it?

It was all so…disconnected!

Disconnected would sum up the world of 1997 to today’s observer pulling back the folds of time and space to peer back to that world.  Even with an internet in its infancy, there were many roadblocks to sharing information from one medium to another.  The avenues of instant media had yet to be constructed.  Now, thanks to innovation and the progression of the online world, those avenues have opened , (or shall we say that they’ve merged?) giving us a large superhighway of information.

What Happened to Advertising World?

Which brings us back to advertising.  With the more ubiquitous world of 2017 ushering connectivity, there is a bigger sea to swim in.  If a viewer spots an ad that they like, a Google search or visit to the advertiser’s website will result.  They might copy the video link and share it on Facebook, touting how much they love the ad, sending it through more digital avenues and directly into people’s hands (literally).  This ability to share information and spread a commercial around would seem like magic to an ad exec in the late ‘90s.

But the new connectivity of the world today also brings with it a higher demand for the viewer to connect to its content.  An article in Marketing Week notes,  “A shift has taken place over the years from telling viewers about a product to driving affinity for a brand through emotion…[this is] more about driving a positive relationship with the viewer and the brand…the consumer holds the power now.”

Relationship is key to advertising in today’s world.  That is why we at GenM Media feel that strategy and concept is so important.  It’s an idea that needs to initiate a relationship between the brand and the consumer.  This is done through emotion, connectivity, and tapping into the human element of sales.  When a relationship is established between consumer and brand, it will stand the test of time.  So whether it’s 1997, or 2017 and beyond, we strive to make that mark.

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