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Power of Graphic Design & Logo 3D Animations
When it comes to graphic design and logo design, we all know the adage that the logo should be designed with future media in mind for its distribution.
Graphic Design

Power of Logo Design & 3D Animations

Logo Design

When it comes to graphic design and logo design, we all know the adage that the logo should be designed with future media in mind for its distribution.  It should be ubiquitous in any medium.  Web, print, or broadcast.

There are other aspects of a logo to think about as well:

A strong concept is the first consideration. Do the design match the client’s company culture, mission, and vision? If not, it’s time to go back to the drawing board.”

8 things to look at Your Logo Design

Does your logo and graphic design match your company?  Does it represent what you want it to say to potential clients and customers?  If so, you’re off to a  great start.  It not, think about what you would like it to be.  Here are some questions are taken from howdesign.com to consider:


  • How do you plan to use the logo?
  • Is there consistency in your graphic design?
  • Who is your primary audience?
  • Who is your secondary audience?
  • Describe your company and its culture.
  • Does the company have any branding elements: colors, typography, graphics, etc.
  • Are there particular audience considerations? (Gender, age, other demographics)
  • Ask then why they like or don’t like this or that.


Benefits of 3D animated Logo

Let’s take the idea of a logo a step further.  Have you ever thought of what it would mean to have some motion behind your logo?  What would it look like for it to fly in 3-Dimensional space?  Or what if it came to life like a cartoon?

What would your logo look like if it took on a life of its own?  What kind of personality would it have?  Or what other characteristics would it have if you could fly around it in 3D?

Well, guess what?  It’s possible now.  Here at GenM Media – creative agency in Oklahoma, we’ve been bringing logos to life lately.  Remember that Halloween special of The Simpsons where Homer gets transported to a 3D world behind the bookshelf?



Well, the same thing that happened to Homer can be done for your logo.  It can be lifted from the flat plane of 2D and ushered into a 3D object complete with texture, lighting, and depth that aren’t possible with 2D.


To stand out from your competition

With the advent of the internet, media all around us, electronic billboards and now a virtual reality that is starting to take shape, motion graphics are becoming the next step in the evolution of the design process.  It’s worth considering as we move forward with new technology and new ways of reaching people.  Even Facebook is pushing for video as it evolves.  In a recent interview with Fortune Magazine, Nicola Mendelsohn, VP for Facebook in Europe said, “If I was having a bet, it’d be video, video, video,” when asked where the company would be in five years.  The Fortune article also notes that the new Facebook Live feature is catching on quicker than anticipated. So the marriage of video and marketing is continuing to be a good bet.  And one that will continue to grow.

So think about your company and how you would like to represent online in this brave new world of video everywhere.  An animated logo isn’t a bad idea.  At GenM, we’re dedicated to pushing forward in that direction.  Contact us today if you’re looking to bring your logo into the next generation of video advertising.


by Brady Foster/GenM Creative

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