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The New Instagram Sharing Algorithm
The new algorithm has changed much of how the user experiences their Instagram feed. Michaelene will show you how to make the most out of it.

Instagram Has Updated Its Algorithm (Spoiler: Its Lame)

As you may already know Instagram is owned by Facebook and Facebook updated their sharing algorithms. These algorithms now show more content from friends and less content from businesses. What does this mean for people who love to see content from brands they follow? They’ll have to manually check those accounts because it won’t be showing up in their feed as often.

If you are a business using social media to reach your audience, you absolutely need to utilize your story feature EVERYDAY. This feature allows you to send a video, image or text to your adoring fans once a day. It’s the best way to stay relevant. You don’t want to take this lightly because 67% of GenX’ers and 60% of Millennials say they are more likely to make purchases from brands they follow.

Stay tuned because we’ll be back soon to discuss the best times to post to your social media feed to maximize your exposure.

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